Sunday, July 25, 2010

Josh's 5-31-10 E-mail

I´m leaving again. My emoitions are mixed at this time. I am excited to go to Alberdi, Jujuy, but I love Manatial. I am going to miss it so very much. Oh yeah! I am going to be senior companion and district leader and my companion is my little brother, Elder Lugo trained another missionary. I am very nervous, but I keep telling myself just to have faith and everything will be great. Saying good-bye to all the members was very difficult, I even received a couple of going away gifts. The most difficult was Carla and Miguel. I didn´t expect it, but Miguel started to cry and afterwards Carla and afterwards I started to cry. Crazy huh? That you can get so close to some people in only 4 months. I know that everything will be great. This next transfer I am going to grow, and growth is essential for this life. Growth is a blessing.

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