Sunday, July 25, 2010

Joke on Josh by the Jurado family

A family played a trick on me this week! Their names are the family Jurado and they are amazing. They had me and Elder Hall sit across from one of their daughters and sons. I kept following the actions of Anna, the daughter. I had a bowl of water and I couldn´t spill while mimicking her. We only had a candle for the light in the room. I kept mimicking the daughter and I couldn´t understand the purpose of the game. During the game they all started laughing and turned on the light! They took me to the bathroom and my face was covered in ink! The bottom of the bowl had ink and because I was following the example of Anna I kept touching and rubbing it all over my face. They also played another game where they put a blindfold on me and hit me with pillows. I preferred the first one.

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