Sunday, April 17, 2011

Future beautiful wives of rain soaked missionaries!

A giant rain storm came in yesterday and we didn't bring anything to protect us. We got soaked! The time to go to the pension, but I felt a prompting....go to Hermano Aragon. Recently he was in the hospital due to diabetes. His daughter frequently helps us in the work of the Lord and had commented that he had been to the doctor. We passed by earlier to give him a blessing, but he is never there! That is when I felt the prompting I knew Hermano Aragon would be in his house. I wasn't surprised to see him, but he was surprised to see us! We were wet! Soaking wet! We had the blessing of giving him a blessing. As we were walking back Elder Cancapa looked kinda downhearted due to the rain. I told him, I heard our future wives are more beautiful and more virtuous as we walk in the rain for the Lord! He smiled a wide smile, looked at me and said, 'My wife is going to be the most beautiful woman in the entire earth!!!' hahaha. I love the mission! and I love you!

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