Sunday, April 17, 2011

Josh's 2-28-11 e-mail

Diligence, I have discovered, is an attribute of Christ that takes time to develop. Often times the Lord will give us a trial to help us learn the importance of enduring. This past transfer, I don´t why, but I do know that it has been a lesson the Lord has wanted me to learn. Since my time here in Famailla, we have found people who want to hear the gospel, who let us share the message of the Restoration with them, but they aren´t progressing toward baptism. I have worked harder now than I have any other time in my mission, but I have to remember the Lord wants me to learn diligence. In Preach My Gospel we learn diligence is going forward with ¨excitement¨, and ¨faith in the Lord.¨ I am grateful the Lord has allowed me to learn this virtue. To keep going forward. Some missionaries are seed planters and others are the Johnny Apple Seeds! I am not discouraged and I love this work!!! As we were knocking doors this week I was surprised to find the swearing man!!! We knocked his door and we have a appointment with him this upcoming week!! Crazy! Mabye the Lord has some plans for him....

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