Sunday, April 17, 2011

The work in Famallia

We found a family this week, but only one member has interest. Her name is Carmen and I believe she has received a answer. We finished teaching Carmen and a man asked us to help him, we replied yes and went to work. Our task was to pull a railroad track off the track. It sounds easy, except the track was over a river. It was heavy and hard and the man kept swearing!!! But a hour later with our shoes covered in mud, he said thank you. I was surprised to hear those words from his mouth especially since he was swearing more than half the time!!! We have countless things to be thankful for! Even if we are on a deserted island and the only other thing on the island is a palm tree, we can be thankful for the shade.

Hermana Guzman we might say has a rough life. When she was younger, she went inactive in the church. She became a policewoman, had two children, and lives with a another less active man. She now feels all the time that she has been away from the church that she should return. She is making the changes now, but oftentimes Satan knows this also and doesn´t want us to return. This past month, her husband left her because he has another girlfriend, her house has flooded due to the rain, she is now taking care of her sick aunt, who needs constant care, part of her pay as a policewoman goes to her mother, sister, and brother who all need financial help, and she is raising her two sons as best as she can. To me her faith is impressive and I know to Christ he is happy because she is returning to his church.

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