Sunday, April 17, 2011

Josh's trip to hear Conference

Wasn't it wonderful and refreshing to hear the words of the prophets this past weekend!??? I had the blessing of sitting in all the sessions and listening in spanish. I understood! What a tender mercy of the Lord. He truly does love you! A talk that I greatly enjoyed and that I felt the spirit more strongly than any other was the talk of President Monson Sunday Morning. I felt extremley grateful for you Mom and Dad, for making the decision to marry in the temple and to all my siblings that have or will :) made that decision. It is the best place you can be for eternity. What a amazing blessing we have to be witness of miracles today! From 1 temple to now over a hundred. I love to see the temple.I was the only American (Gringo) missionary that listened in spanish! I listened to spanish the entire time! i felt grateful to Heavenly Father for helping me so much! Before I could not understand anything and now I was able to understand everything! Tender mercies! We were not able to spend the night and we had to go home! I was not able to watch priesthood...... We would had have to travel at 1:00am to our area which is a hour away.....I felt that it was okay though! Thank goodness for the internet!

Melanie's comment: I asked Josh about his transporation to General Conference and he said it was like riding in the Magic School Bus. : "So about the magic school bus! Saturday, the magic school bus' little brother. It was a van! In the back it had wooden benches nailed to the floor! All 10 of us pilled into the back and traveled to conference! It was awesome! Sunday: The Magic School Bus! It was so exciting to see all the members that came! It was wonderful! As a branch we have to stand together, or together we fall. There are few of us and we must be united.

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