Sunday, April 17, 2011

Josh's 3-28-11 e-mail

Wednesday Night we received a phone call from a few members telling us that the youngest of the Familia Barrionuevo had passed away... The family is one of the oldest membership here in Famailla, but a few members have been inactive for a while. The next day we went to the funeral viewing and tried to give comfort as best as we could to the family members. It hurt my heart to see their faces usually full of joy and love for the gospel full of pain and sorrow for their deceased brother. (He was not baptized) After the service they contacted us and asked me to come to the grave Friday and dedicate the grave of Enrique Barrionuevo!!! I almost said no because I was so nervous! But Friday we came. When we got there I was surprised to see other members of others faith dedicating the grave (not really!!!) I had the permission and the branch president was there and my companion did not really want to do it so I dedicated the grave! They finished putting the dirt on top of the grave and then the family members looked at me. I went and stood in front of everybody!!! I was nervous! I had never been to burial before in my life and I had never seen a dedication of a grave! I said a prayer and then started saying the dedicatory prayer. Minutes before many people had been crying, wailing, yelling, and now there was silience... I felt so humbled afterwards!!! The family then asked us to come to there house and give there mom a blessing of comfort. Surprises are around every corner in the mission field and I ended up giving four blessings! One to the Mom, Two to two of the sisters, and one brother. In every blessing I felt the importance of talking about the temple! Afterwards I was talking with the brother and he said , I know I can live my family again, my brother again. This experience gave a profound gratitude for the Holy Ghost, priesthood blessings, and above all temples and that death is not the end of life.

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