Sunday, April 17, 2011

Josh's 4-11-11 e-mail-Golden Investigator

The Lord loves to bless us with surprises when we work hard and when we are diligent. Sunday was a wonderful day for me. We finished church and a member came up and announced to us that her cousin knew the church is true, has read the Book of Mormon, studied the pamphlets and wants to be baptized! I could not believe it! On April 23rd we are planning and working for 3 teenagers, 2 children, and one adult to be baptized. All are progressing wonderfully thanks to our Heavenly Father and all are coming to church and all are excited about their baptisms. We are working with our hearts! and we are hoping that the Lord will bless us with these baptisms. If you could, in your prayers, ask if these six people can be baptized. I know that they will feel sooo happy if they can follow their Savior in this way! The Lord truly does love us.

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