Sunday, November 21, 2010

Josh's 10-25-10 E-mail

Yesterday we had our ward activity. We watched Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration and it was wonderful. During the movie Elder Gutierrez recieved a phone call from President Northcutt telling him that his father had passed away in accident at work. He burst into tears and we went to go call home. The funeral of his Dad was today, so yesterday with the zone leaders we drove with a member to Salta, left him with some missionaries and then came back. We arrived back at 3:oo in the morning and we only slept for 4 hours because we had a zone activity. That is why I am tired! Before we felt we gave my companion a blessing and it was amazing the spirit that filled the room. It was touching and the power of the priesthood was shown. It also made me once again ponder deeply and meaningfully about my life. How do I treat others, do I show my love, if they passed away would they know that I had loved them? The actions we do and the words we speak to others, possibly may be the final words we speak. Honestly, they might pass away tommorow and we might not see them for a while. How sacred are our words and precious is our time with our loved ones? Let us watch our words and show our love and never think I can apologize for the things I said because there might not be one. Our words should be as Christ's words and our actions the same. Love as he would love and do as he would do. Leave no doubts, accept no excuses.

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