Sunday, November 28, 2010

Josh's 11-8-10 E-mail

We have investigators named Ramon and Maria. Ramon this week became Indiana Ramon! His story is impressive, let me tell you a little. Ramon grew up in Ledesma, which is in Jujuy, but more in the mountains. He lived under a big mango tree with a house made of cinder blocks built underneath. I don´t know why, but at a young age his mother left. Ramon was left in charge of his younger siblings at the age of 9 years old. His father luckily only worked 100 meters away. His father told young Ramon to wave the lantern if they were in trouble and his father would come. The spirit taught me an important lesson at this time. Our Father in Heaven is just waiting to help, but sometimes we have to ask for help. The night is dark and there is danger near the mango tree. When we need help or even feel afraid we can wave our lantern. This could mean the scriptures or praying. I know he loves us and will not leave us alone in the dark. Another story Ramon told was the first time he met his Mom. So some how he found out his Mom lived in Mendoza Argentina. Ramon and his brother to go on a road trip during summer break to Mendoza to find their Mom. They traveled on a truck to Mendoza, dropped off at the terminal and went to go look for their Mom. Somehow Ramon´s brother found a uncle, went to their Mom´s house. When they entered their Mom was sitting in a chair, saw her sons and ran to them. They also found that they had a sister they had not known about. Ramon the next day found work and started to build his Mom a house. I learned another lesson. First, don´t give up hope on anybody. Maybe at times it seems that their future is hopeless, but it´s not. God doesn´t give up on anybody. Why should why? Everybody has the potential to do wonderful things, but sometimes we need the help of somebody else to spark our inspiration. I can relate because of Mrs. Smart.

Mrs.Smart was my sixth grade special education teacher. She saw the things that I could do. We worked hard and dreamed big. She believed in me and thought that I could better things than I was doing. I left special education thanks to my ¨smart¨ teacher. She didn´t just change my life, she helped save it.

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