Sunday, November 28, 2010

Megan's 11-21-10 E-mail

Family! Work is doing really really good! We have a baptism coming up this December 4th. He used to be Elsiaday(catholic breakoff) and he is progressing in an amazing way. President Malit dedicated our church yesterday and it was great. I guess people were crying because they were touched by the Dedicatory prayer. we sang Beautiful Zion. A less active that we've taught is going on a mission/putting in his papers in January hopefully. We have a new investigator who is doing great-except her husband, he doesn't want her to become a "mormon"...we've taught her 3 times now, but he won't join in and listen, so of course he would be against it, cause he hasn't had the spirit working on him like it has on his wife-she's so awesome and I honestly know/believe that I knew her in the premortal world, she looked familiar even the first time that we came up to her house actually looking for her brother who we had shared with 1 time. It's amazing to see it click in her brain the corruptness and wrongness of the catholic church, how it's opposite of what Christ's church was before. The more that I learn about the gospel and study, the more and better that our work becomes, I am filled with greater enthusiasm and desire and hope that even if those we teach do not accept it then, that they will someday. Right, Faith is to have a hope in things not seen? I can't see them get baptized, but I can have faith that God will grant me my righteous desires. I love these people. The church has brought us so many blessings!

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