Sunday, November 28, 2010

Josh's 11-15-10 E-mail-The 5 minute mile!

So this week I was doing a little spring cleaning. It´s spring in Argentina and I found a list of goals I had made when I started the mission! First, I thought how old I was and my second thought was why didn´t I complete these goals…. So very often we dream. It´s natural to dream of things we want to do. We start out wonderfully! We say I am going to do this and this, and yeah! WE start out and plan and set goals. After time what happens? We get busy and our dreams don´t seem like our priorities…..Honestly, sometimes, other things need to come first, but frequently not! It reminded me of High School. I wanted to run a 5:00 minute mile. I got close! I ran 5:01. 'Almost' I believe doesn´t exist in the dictionary of our Heavenly Father. He wants us to have dreams and he wants us to complete them. I believe God first imagined how he wanted the world and than he created it. I once again put these goals. I know they can make me grow for the better. I have very many weaknesses that I feel I need to overcome, right now. I came up with a personal quote. I stole part of it from the General Sunday School´s president talk last year. He had a teacher that drew an arrow that said , ¨Aim High.¨ Afterwards I came up with, ¨Reach Far,¨ Dreams Completed.¨ Don't forget to go the distance!

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