Sunday, November 28, 2010

Melina and Noelia and their grandma

We are teaching Melina, Antonela, and Noelia again. I talked about them before and they want to listen again, but there is a difference this time we are not teaching in their house. We didn´t know it before, but her Dad didn’t want us teaching there. He is fine that she is listening, but not teaching in their house. We are now teaching in their cousin´s house. If we have a problem with something or someone I feel that we should not stay. Frequently we need to follow Joseph of Egypt´s example and just run away. It didn´t say that he glanced back, he just ran and ran. These three girls are progressing wonderfully and are a great blessing. They have a baptismal date for the 18th of December. This week we met Evelin and she is super nice! We knocked on her door, she opened and told us to come back. We came back , she opened her door saw that we were sweating and gave us juice and empanadas! I was so grateful! We were strangers to her and yet she wanted to help us. She´s listening now and we will see what happens, but Evelin has gift just to be nice to others and help them.

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