Sunday, November 28, 2010

More of Megan's investigators

Last Saturday we fasted for this boy named Dennis. He had been living with a member for the past 3 weeks, quit smoking and drinking and had come to church, prayed with them, read from the Book of Mormon, and the day we came to commit him for baptism, he was taken back by his drunk mother. He's 14. His little sister is a every day smoker and drinker. I can't even explain the pain that I feel when I see these things. I want to ask, Why? Why do they have to live here in this place and have to suffer these things? In America, she would be put in jail and he would be placed in another least hopefully..there are so many things that so many people here even claim to be so corrupt about the Philippines. There are corrupt things everywhere in every place. But we fasted for him and he Came!!!! on Sunday! And that members son in law who was anti-mormon came and brought 4 of his friends that want to be taught the gospel. God truly does see our everyday sacrifices and he knows us. I love this scripture that I read the other day, "This is eternal lives-to know the only wise and true God, and Jesus Christ, whom He hath sent. I am He. Receive ye, therefore, my law." (DC 132:24) My prayer is that I will never become distracted by the things of this corrupt world. That I will always be in tune-so that I can know Him. I love this gospel so much. We are a part of a legacy of love.

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