Sunday, November 28, 2010

Megan's 11-14-10 E-mail

Family! I have a family! I have a mom and a dad! That love me! I have a home where love lives inside! I have siblings that are nice to me, and pray for me, and they don't hit me or talk bad about me, they love me! I have a dad that doesn't drink or smoke! I have a family that has been my support! My whole family are members of the church and are active! I have so many blessings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do not have the ability given me to COUNT all the things that I have been blessed with. This week has been undescribable. I have witnessed a family literally broken apart. I've never seen the things that I saw the past 3 days! They have 5 children, the littlest one being one of my friends. Their father and his sibling, and two other of their relatives have been fighting in a way that is just...unhuman!!! Or else I've just been so sheltered(thank goodness) the days of my life that I didn't know that humans acted that way. The mother and the children were banished from the home, now live in another place, and the father is just left with his sister to continue fighting. I've never felt Satan's presence so strong than when we woke up at 12 am Sunday morning to them screaming. I pleaded to our Heavenly Father that they would stop. I pleaded with him that I could do something for them. I realized more than ever that Jesus Christ could heal their broken hearts if they would just come to Him. I became so grateful so everything that I've even been given, every happy moment that I've ever been blessed with, for a family that I have always had to lean on and that I could trust and that loved me and wanted only my sucess in this life. HOW blessed are WE!!!!!!! Please, thank Your Heavenly Father for all that He, by His very Hands, has given you!!!! Look around, look at your family, look at your wife, or husband, Look at your children! Look at your father, your mother, Look at His Son, that he gave to the world!!!! I love all of you.

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