Sunday, November 28, 2010

Megan's 11-1-10 E-mail

Hi family! This week has been really good! Last Wednesday, the Assistants called us, (Elder Cerdhe from Arizona and Elder Shelley from St. George) and said that we were both to report to Tacloban the following day, (Thursday) because Sister Blonquist was getting transferred and that we were both training! I remember her saying that that would just be too hard of a thing for her at the point that she was at, that it was just be a really hard thing for her and that she thought that that wouldn't happen to her....well news flash...The Lord knows best actually. And he calls the weak things of the world so that they can become strong. Her new companion is Sister Brinton from Arizona and they are in a Waray Waray area-they sleep in an apartment with Sister Farnworth and her companion-lucky! And they are actually reopening that area. My new companion is Philipina from Davao and her name is Sister Insong. Her brother is serving in California speaking English and Tagalog and her dad is the Stake President. I played piano in church so that was fun. We are going to teach piano every Sunday so that they will have a permanent player. I hope everyone is doing well and I love you. I keep opening my heart to people and then I get hurt. Sometimes I open up knowing for sure that I will get hurt but I still do it because if I don't then I'll never know what love is. It's one very difficult thing about missionary work.

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