Sunday, November 28, 2010

Josh's 11-1-10 E-mail

This week was adventure week! I have been with the two other elders(Macias and Carter) in my pension and they are great. We have grown really close. We have had to work in both of our areas, so every other day I have been getting to know new investigators and friends. It has been really fun. Elder Gutierrez should return Thursday. I am really proud of him, not very many people who come back home can leave again. I feel I have grown, which is wonderful.

This week I read a talk in the Ensign called the Quest for Joy(Ensign July 2005) I suggest you read it, if you want more happiness in your life. It was given at the MTC, but can be applied to you also. I really enjoyed it and I feel it will change my mission. One story to show the feeling of the talk is, the author's daughter was in a mission and was really sad because they weren´t having very much success. Her companion seeing this, said Sister you cannot be discouraged we are in the dispensation that people have waited for 6000 years. We cannot fail and be discouraged.! So true! I love this time because we know the end result. Satan will fail, we will win. The End. How can we lose hope when we know what we need to do to gain Eternal Life? We aren´t in a video game where we have to look for the secrets. We are here and I know we can win.

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