Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bathrobe for Megan

Megan e-mailed me to ask if I could send her a bathrobe. She said that it would help her if she could just throw on a bathrobe after her shower instead of taking all her clothes into the shower room. So Bridget accepted the assignment to find her a bathrobe. Of course she had a bathrobe at home, but it was warm and fuzzy which may work fine while she was at the MTC, but in the Philippines it would definitely be too warm. So Bridget shopped around and could only find warm bathrobes UNTIL she ended up at Megan's favorite store... DI! And she found a thin, silky, tropical flowered bathrobe that just screamed, "Megan". So, Bridget and I drove to Provo on Friday, October 30th to get Bridget settled to start a new job on Monday. We found a shipping location that delivers free to the MTC if your package is under 4 pounds. In went the bathrobe, some mascara, a pair of gloves and some trail mix and other goodies and sent it to Megan and Josh at the MTC. We kept laughing as we thought about Josh being called down to get a package and opening it and wondering why we would send HIM a flowered bathrobe!!

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