Saturday, November 28, 2009

Megan's phone call-Nov 23rd

Megan left the MTC at 1:30 so I thought she would call from the SLC airport, but when I heard from her at the LAX layover, she said they were too busy talking to an investigator in Salt Lake to call. Go, Megan! I kept watching the clock anticipating her phone call and when she called I could see on the caller ID- "pay phone" so I said, "Hello, Megan, I know it is you, hello, hello?" Finally I could hear her and told her I would call her right back, but when I did the phone rang a dozen times and she did not answer...Eeeks! What have I done? So, I waited IMpatiently, and she called back! Whew! (It never rang on her end...) So we talked a long time with Rick on one phone and me on the other. She said she had mailed home a package of clothes she won't need, make up she won't wear and letters she has received in the MTC. In all the package weighed 33 pounds! That afforded her luggage to meet their weight requirements though. We talked about the 36 hours of travel until she reaches her destination and the weather and food in the Philippines and the excitement of being a missionary. She is thrilled to be embarking on this great adventure!

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