Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Josh, The Samaritan

This week we received a letter from an Elder that knew Josh in the MTC. The things he said were no surprise to us, but still very wonderful to read. This is part of the letter, "My first few weeks in the MTC were really hard for me. Elder Dustin went out of his way to be my friend. He'd always help me and support me any way he could. I've never met a more unselfish man than Elder Dustin. He's always doing something for someone, taking our trays at lunch, giving compliments, whatever he's doing it helps someone else. His testimony is amazing, it's so incredibly powerful. He is probably the most Christ-like person I know."

I think everyone that knows Josh would agree with what this Elder said in his letter. What a privilege it is to be his mother!

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Janet said...

How sweet. I cried a little when I read this! Matt and I agree 100% with the Elder :)