Saturday, November 28, 2009

Josh' first teaching experience!

"Monday was amazing!!!! Okay so we rode a bus to see an inactive member, like 20 minutes away. We visited them and challenged them to come to church, they said yes (score! for the lord) and then we went to wait for the bus. The bus comes, it is full! no room....waiting...waiting...waiting...we decide to say a prayer and a bus comes 5 minutes later full of empty seats!!! We go to San Pedro and go to our appoinment and they are not there because we were late! We had another appointment with Julia and went to it. Julia is a less active member and was baptized in May. I usually share the scripture because it is one of the only things I can do and I was going to share the scirpture in Mosiah about our burdens being lifted or Ether 12:27I was really going to share the first one, but I felt I should share the 2nd one. Elder Lugo told me later, that is exactly what she needed. Moments go by and the thought pops into my mind she needs her house dedicated and I began to say my own blessing in my head. Seconds later Elder Lugo says we need to dedicate your house. We dedicated it and it was amazing! I felt the holy ghost so strongly. I consider it sacred because I now have a experience where I was led by the Holy Ghost. Everything worked out to be with Julia. We talked and helped her for an hour! It was a miracle, there is no other word to describe it."

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