Saturday, November 28, 2009

Josh's 1st E-mail from Salta!

Tuesday 11-24-09
The flight was good! The only surprise was a chinese man! I had fallen asleep and he came and sat by me because he was cramped. We flew into Buenos Aires and then were taken by members who work for church travel to another airport which took us to Salta. At Salta was President and Sister Northcutt. They are truly amazing! That night we found out were we serving. I am in San Pedro, which is about 2 hrs away from Salta. It is hot here! But it so worth it. Because it is hot I am red. I put on sunscreen, but it didn´t work very well. I arrived in San Pedro last wednesday. I rode a bus from Salta to here. My first meal in a member's home was mashed patatoes and hamburgers. I also have never drunk so much pop in my life. I also have never seen such diversity. Some homes are very nice and some I can´t believe people live in them. Anyways! Church was awesome! The branch president asked me to bear my testimony which I didn´t know until after Elder Lugo told me. They are so extremely nice and I already love them.

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