Thursday, November 19, 2009

Good-bye Provo

Josh left the MTC on Wednesday, November 17th for Argentina. He was delayed two weeks but loved staying at the MTC. He traveled in group with 4 other elders and then met a sister in Atlanta, Georgia before flying on to Buenos Aires. I wasn't sure of his travel plans (or available times he could call us) because his e-mail 'kicked him out' on Monday. I used my resources and sent an e-mail to the 'missionary moms' asking if anyone knew the travel plans for this group. I received a reply so I knew the approximate time he could call. So when I got to work I alerted my boss of the possibility of talking to Josh and asked for permission to keep my cell phone on. Of course he said I could (he has his own missionary son) and WHILE I WAS TALKING TO MY BOSS, JOSH CALLED AND I MISSED IT!!!!

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