Sunday, November 22, 2009

Megan's 11-11-09 E-mail

Wow wow. 12 days left. But nobody's counting....:)!!!!!! I can't even believe it. I honestly think that time must be different for missionaries! Its crazy! I'm soo excited! I feel like I've hardly learned any Cebuano-but it's alright-the best way to learn a language anyway is by full submersion! And I will surely get that sooN!! My teacher was telling me about how when he got home he was so,...almost disgusted a how much stuff people had..he said he feels bad about it now but he was kind of rude about the fact that when he got home his parents had just barely got a new house and he asked them why they had done that?.. He said he didn't understand why before his mission he would buy new pairs of shoes when he had 10 pairs that were perfectly alright.. he said I realized that shoes were made so that people could walk around on this earth without hurting their feet...and that only the poor really wear shoes for that purpose. He said the people in the Philippines are people who are happy and they love to laugh about the silliest things and play games and just love each other. It made me never want to be wealthy!!! I honestly just want to live like that! Live like the pigmies(is that right??hahah!!) in Africa where we do not get clouded by materials and by money and by positions-we are just equal and the gospel is I think, more real. Where we don't have the blinding effects of the media and where relationships mean more than status or whether you wear cute clothes or not. Who cares what job you have? Who cares about whether you have a nice house? As long as you are supporting your family and you are happy-what else matters? Let whether you are coming closer to Christ be your measure of success!!

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