Monday, November 30, 2009

Megan's First Area-Palompan

Megan is serving in Palompan on the island of Leyte. She is on the west coast and the mission home is on the east coast. I have changed the map to Palompan and you can read a little bit about her new home here:,_Leyte. The population is around 50,000. When I googled pictures of Palompan I found lots of athletic events and beautiful hotels-not at all what Megan described in her e-mail...but on the brighter side she said, "I love the people here so much! All I do all day it seems is smile at them and give high fives. We say 'up here! And they come running-literally. I feel like I must have something on my face because of how people look at me here. I just smile and say Maayong butang or udto or hapon or gabii...good morning lunch afternoon or night..but all they say to me is 'so beautiful' or 'hi guapa'-and they LAUGH sooooo much at me!!!

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