Monday, November 30, 2009

First E-mail from Philippines

Megan's first e-mail describes the living conditions of the people in the Philippines. She goes into detail about the things we all take for granted like: 'warm shower from a faucet above your head','a house that you can walk around in without any socks on!! or not to mention shoes', 'hands together under the running water and splash it on your face', 'family of five crunched into this...cardboard box', 'people being carried into the hospital so weak because they hadn't eaten in days'. Then she says,"I have experienced culture shock and it's almost a sickness. Over time it will go away I'm sure, but that first day, I walked out on our little balcony we have and I saw our little town-and I thought to myself-I can do this! That was the first day that we went out and met some people...and that was the moment that my perspective changed-my attitude changed-everything that had been uncomfortable, or unnatural or hard-it didn't matter. Make a commitment to yourself never to take for granted anymore what the lord had endowed you with and what he has blessed you with!!!"

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