Saturday, November 28, 2009

Josh's Stolen Luggage!

"My awesome companion is Elder Lugo from Mexico! and speaks English! What they said about him is true. He is amazing and I hope to be a missionary like him one day. Well, Elder Lugo and I went to the bathroom and came back and my suitcases were gone! Some lady said they were stolen by a kid who was supposed to watch them...we went back to the apartment and met the other elders in our zone/area. Elder Rivera and Huerte! Yep, I am with three elders not from the U.S. Anyways Elder Huerte called me to the back and there were my suitcases! It was all a joke! Elder Huerte was the kid. :) In all honesty I didn´t freak because I knew if my stuff really was stolen, the Lord would provide."
Obviously Josh has more faith than I do, because as I was reading through his e-mail to see the end result I was 'freaking' out!

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