Saturday, November 28, 2009

Elder Bednar's Visit to Argentina

Elder Bednar spoke to the saints here! And he spoke in English. It was a question and answer session. It was really powerful and awesome! One question asked is, "What does it feel like to be an apostle?" He said he felt inadequate, but "if the lord wants me to do it, then I will do it with him." That hit me really hard because spanish is hard! Even some things are different in Argentina, but I try not to worry because worrying just wastes time and this is the Lord´s time. We had 5 investigators at church! And at the broadcast we were expecting a ton of people to come. 5:30 came and no one was there. Then at that moment we looked out the door and saw our investigator, Justina! Justina is a tiny little old woman! She had walked all the way there to see an apostle! We were amazed! Also, they only have a branch in San Pedro, it is really small, but growing.

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