Friday, August 6, 2010

Josh spoke at a Funeral!

Friday was a rough day. I don´t know if you remember me talking about Victoria and Angelica. Victoria was in the hospital to do with something with her blood and we were told she was supposed to come home this past week. Well, on Friday we recieved a phone call form Hermano Tataca and we were told she had passed away. She had a blood clot in her head or something to do with her head. Which was why it was sudden and unexpected. We were pouring our eyes out. It was like losing a family member or a best friend. We were extremely close to her. She had 9 children and after we found out we ran over to their house. We kept hugging them and told them that they would live with their mom again. The next day we received permission from President Northcutt to go to the burial. There was a pastor there and he asked us, the Mormons, to come and share a message. Guess who shared the message? I was so nervous, but I taught the plan of salvation. There were members there, but I believe the majority were evangelistas. It was only possible with the Holy Ghost as I shared the message. Death is not the end, but only a part of life. As I was sharing the message a couple of people started saying Amen and then it kept getting louder! hahaha. It was pretty funny and we did feel the Holy Ghost. Mabye it will help them know the church. All the children will live with their aunt, but she lives in another area. Hopefully one day we will be able to see their family again, but they are in safe hands and we sent the missionaries in their area to their house. One of them most impressive memories I have is when Angelica shared her testimony in Sacrament meeting and she is not even baptized. I can say she had a testimony.The death of Victoria made me think a great deal about my life and how sacred relationships are. I am eternally grateful for every one of your relationships in my life. You have changed me and have made me a better person. Never doubt that you haven´t made a difference because you have, never doubt that you can´t change a life because you can, and never doubt that being nice is at any time wasted because you never know when your loved ones are gone. I love you all so very much and I love you and appreciate you. You are doing a magnificent job. Love you!

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