Friday, August 6, 2010

Megan's 8-2-10 E-mail

There is this little boy that keeps following us around and sometimes I don't know what to do with him...he doesn't know how old he is, he's only been to 3 weeks of school, he has no parents and hes always asking for food. I don't know what's right...we teach him the lessons and he lives with members but they are inactive and's just complicated. I know that he's been put in our path for a reason. I feel bad for him...his name is Robert and he's probably about 9.

All 7 of our investigators are getting baptized this Saturday and it's soo exciting!!! We were getting soo worried on Sunday because they weren't there at 9...930...940...but then finally they all showed up. I love these people so much and I know that it's been given to me because I've never really had a love for people like this. I've been praying that I'll know what to say, know what to do, where to go, and how to help and serve these wonderful children of our Heavenly Father... our attendance was 85 last Sunday in our tiny little bamboo hut for a chapel and it was really happy. It was testimony meeting and the spirit was there. I love being a missionary. I'm grateful for the chance I have to humble myself and strive to become more like Heavenly Father..

(Melanie's comments: I'd REALLY like a picture of that little boy and the little bamboo hut they have church in. She just doesn't have the time to upload pictures, I guess. Well, I treasure every word she writes and when she gets home we can go back through the blog and add in all the pictures!)

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