Sunday, August 1, 2010

President Malit's parable

We go to church in a little bamboo house and it's awesome. 20 minutes away from us in 2 different directions there are as of now 2 churchs being built-One in Billiran, and one in Cabucgayan-that is the branch we are apart of.
President Malit and Sister Malit came to our district conference. They are jewels! President Malit gave a talk about commandments. He told a story of a man in the desert and he's stranded. He is very thirsty...and as he's looking out in the distance he sees a man who he thinks may be carriynng some water. When he get to the man he asks if he has any water and then man says no, but I have a lot of neckties!!! As he opens up his ginormous coat of displayed neckties, the man refuses his offer and with a frustrated face keeps walking on his search for water...he then sees a giant building with a fountain in the front....finally he's saved!!!!! As he gets closer he realizes there is a gate, and a guard. He approaches as if to just walk in to get his greatly need quench for thirst but the guard stops him and points to the big sign to his side which reads, "No necktie- No Water." In our lives we don't think sometimes that we need to follow all the rules or commandments...but if we don't, we will never taste of all of the Lord's blessings. Even if it doesn't make sense, have faith. Know that the Lord will always reward us if we decide to follow what He says.

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