Sunday, August 1, 2010

Megan's 2nd Area-Balaquid, Billiran

This last Thursday morning, at 7:10 am, I got just a taste of what the day will be like when I leave this wonderful God fearing country. I LEFT PALOMPON!!!! I never thought that it would be this difficult. I never realized just how much I had fallen in love with them until I had to say good-bye!! It was so terrible! We saw it coming because I had been there for 7 months, and I had just spent two transfers training Sister Farnworth, and so it was inevitable-i was going to leave my birthplace! We got everything ready on Thursday morning and was planning on leaving at 5:30 but then we never had any someone to be with Sister Farnworth because she couldn't stay with just male members, so we waited until finally the first counselor's wife came, but our bml and my new convert were up and ready to help us at 4:30!! They ended up sleeping out on the street in their potpot until we told them that we'd have to wait. But we finally go there to the terminal, we stand there for a while, while they're figuring out where to put my luggage, and we're just talking and laughing, and I'm ok, I'm not too bad's ok...then it's getting closer to 7:15, and I'm like here I I give Sister Sanoy a hug, and then Gary, the new convert, a handshake and tell him to never stop going to church even if he moves to other places for work or anything else and he says, "Ok, ok, Sister Dustin." Then I look at Sister Farnworth and I give her a big hug and I tell her, I'm so not even done being your companion! And then I give our branch mission leader, Jetro, a handshake and then I got in the van, and then I waited for a little bit until they were ready to go, and they were all still standing there right outside the window just waving and doing the I love you sign in sign language, and then Sister Farnworth starts crying and I told her she's not allowed to do that, but I was still ok, and then they looked at each other and kind of gave the nod like, ok, let's go, and then they all walked a little further, and then I said I love you to them a lot of times and then they were gone. and so was the damn that was holding back my tears!!! it honestly was like an instant waterfall. That was it!! That might have been the last time I will see those people, my other family, in this life! I didn't stop crying until an hour later. And then I am here in my new area and it's still really hard! I'm always thinking about all of our investigators that I wanted to continue teaching and that I knew were going to be baptized, and its really depressing. I love them soo much!!!!! I want them to be happy and to progress and to make the RIGHT choices and to read the Book of Mormon and MOST of all-I want them to go to the temple!!! I want them to serve missions and get married in the temple and I want them to nver give up and it hurts not to be with them. It's like I got dumped!! Now I have to force my heart back open so that I get hurt again, because I know that I'll fall in love with the people here in Balaquid, on the Billiran island, because eventually my itme here in the Phillippines will be over and then what? I pray for them every day and I love them so much. Change is very difficult sometimes. New this, new that, and it's hard to adjust!! Because I miss them so much!!!!!

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