Sunday, August 1, 2010

Megan had 12 investigators at church!

Life is great. It's hard, and spiritually intense, and you don't know if your really doing any good, but you just keep going with the faith that you are on the Lord's errand and so if you give it your all you have nothing to worry about. Yesterday was a day that made us forget allll the struggles and worries we had about our investigators, the area, everything. We had 12 investigators come to church!!!!!!!!!! After church I couldn't stop hugging Sister Blonquist. I was so happy!!! I had a taste of that joy that missionaries are promised if they serve with all their heart, might, mind and strength. I have never had that happen before. Saturday night we taught a family that we see in the near future getting baptized. I wanted them to go to church so bad, that I decided to fast. We started our fast on Saturday night and to our utter surprise the whole family came to church!!!!!!!! They kept saying they were gonna come all week, but when people say that here, seeing really is believing because it's their culture to say they will do anything you commit them too.. I pray with all my heart that they will just Continue!!!!! Just keep coming!!! Please! If I had days like Sunday everyday I would better understand why the sons of Mosiah were able to keep going for 14 years....they converted kingdoms!! Their joy was complete.

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