Sunday, August 1, 2010

Megan's 5-30-10 e-mail

I'm pretty sure that I will transfer this next transfer which is June 23 about. I will have been in Palompon for 7 months!! I have stayed in one area since I got here in the Philippines. My life is as if it were a dream. Our lives as missionaries always seems like we are in a play...we have a script and a costume and there's a very foreign set all around us. Even the things that happen to us..we always say, that was like it was in a when they leave from the scene, it's like they just finished their line and left the stage. I have many fears. I'm scared that I will miss opportunites to share with someone the gospel who has been prepared. I want to truly become an instrument. That is what I am fasting for this Sunday and I'm asking you to fast with me. I want to return with honor and I want to find, teach and baptize all those to I am supposed to help while I am here because my time is so extremely short. I need more courage, more faith, more humility and love and patience. I want these people to accept the gospel so much. June 13 is the Cebu temple dedication. We can go to one or all of the sessions. The very next day the youth are going to do baptisms for the dead. I love the temple so much.

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