Sunday, August 1, 2010

Megan's District Conference in Naval

On Sunday we went to Naval which is where we are now to internet, for district conference and these two less active boys who we've been working on for sometime now, CAME!! We were so happy! They are so funny! They make fun of me all the time, and they really are my good friends! I was telling President Malit one time about how hard it was to leave Palompon and he said, "If you never open your heart, you'll never get hurt." Meaning that when I opened my heart to them and then I had to go, I got hurt. As a missionary, the divine attribute of charity is essential. It is the "pure love of Christ, and it endureth forever." In Moroni 7 we learn that you "must pray unto the father with all the energy of heart, that ye may be filled with this love..." Well, I've been doing that. And my prayers have very much been answered! I love these people so much! I love these less active boys! I love our investigators...and sometimes I don't want to ask Heavenly Father for this love because that means...and I know that it will happen, I will get hurt when I have to leave them! They don't know that I love them so much. I want them to progress, I want them to come to church! And most of all I want them to feel of our perfect Savior's love for them!!!!!! I want them to happy! And when they don't come to church or they don't keep their committments I am so affected!!

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