Sunday, August 1, 2010

A parable in Argentina

I heard a really neat story in church that was a great example of the atonement. Once upon a time, there was a father who wanted a son. But when his new baby was born, it was a girl. Disappointed, but still caring the dad with his wife took young carmen home. Carmen soon won her father´s heart and his view began to change about his precious daughter as her warm smile and happy personality began to change his view. At age 10 Carmen asked her father about what he was going to buy for her for her 16th birthday. The father knowing that 16 was an important age for a young women told her something magnificentt and beautiful. Content Carmen went on with her ready for the feature. At age 15 Carmen discovered she had a problem. One day passed out in her kitchen and afterwards woke up in the hospital. Carmen discovered that her heart was failing and needed a transplant. Her loving Dad promised Carmen that she would have a transplant. After worrying for months Carmen was noticed that she had a doner. She went to the surgery and afterwards left the hospital only to find her Mom crying. Her Mom told what happened, Carmen started to cry and afterwards they went to the cemetery to her loving father, who knowing his daughter needed a new heart gave his to his precious daughter. Jesus Christ knowing that we needed help sacificed his life like Carmens Dad to give us something magnificent and beautiful. He sacrificed his life to allow us to have the opportunity to experience joy.

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