Sunday, August 15, 2010

Megan's 8-9-10 e-mail

Our baptisms were a complete success. All 7 were baptized and then confirmed yesterday and it was an absolute miracle! We were so happy!! They all came up and bore their testimonies after the baptism and one of them cried. Her name is Gingging and she is the wife of the ex-preacher. I love this work so much and I don't want to go back to "normal life" This is the greatest work. Josephine and her daughter got baptised and we pray and hope that her husband and other daughter will follow their example in September. They're not just words when I say that I am constantly praying for these people..especially one of our investigators right now, his name is Martin. He's 12 and I have so many dreams for him. I love him! I told Heavenly Father what I wanted and I hope that my wishes are granted me. I want to help him with all of my heart. This is my wish: that he will be baptized, that he'll never drink or smoke, that he'll go on a mission, that he'll go to the temple, that he'll get married in the temple, and that he will never fall away from the truth and he'll raise his family in the gospel. I believe in miracles with all my heart and I am caused to believe more every single day and me and my companion are never alone...we have lots of other spirits with us helping us. Sometimes it hurts me how much I love these people because I know that I'll have to say goodbye to them, it's an inevitable event!

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