Sunday, August 1, 2010

Josh's 20th Birthday

I also received the best birthday present ever! We woke up and it was freezing cold! I ran to the shower to get warm and came out and everybody was still in their beds! So I took off my blankets and took off my coat and put it on top of my companion and then went to go study. By the time my study got over, nobody except me had left their beds! For good reason it was cold! I was prompted I needed to do something for them. We had herbal tea, so I went and made that for my companion. Afterwards I saw a potato soup package that was on top of the fridge. So I decided to make Potato Soup for everybody. As I was cooking I heard the Holy Ghost say, ¨ Happy Birthday Joshua.¨ I was filled with a burning that scattered whatever cold there was in my body. I recevied the best gift ever! I was able to serve my companions. I am not trying to sound prideful or bragful, but I am so very grateful Heavenly Father gave me this blessing, to serve others and that I have been able to know his church for the past 20 years of my life.

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