Sunday, August 1, 2010

Megan's 7-26-10 e-mail

sorry about last week, the power went out and so i didn't get to send my email but we did have a chance to share a message and give a pamphlet to a guy that worked at the other internethan that we tried after it died at the one we tried first...His name is Joe and he's 27 and deosn't "have a religion." I was glad to have been given the time and courage to talk to him. Not this Saturday (August 7th) but the next we have 7 baptisms and one of them is a man named Eugene...he was a pastor at a branch of the Catholic church for 10 years. We realized last night after he testified of the Book of Mormon and it's need in our lives today at our Book of Mormon fireside that we have every Sunday night, that his experience learning and leadership in his pastor days has prepared him for becoming a member of the church. He WILL become a branch president someday!! A bishop even maybe! I am so happy for them. They are grateful that one day they were spying on my companion and her old companion as they taught their neighbor and that they saw them because otherwise they don't know if they ever would have found the church... Eugene has quit smoking and drinking and at works he talks about the church and us. He gave us 3 referrals the other night of people who have talked about us to them.

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