Sunday, August 1, 2010

Megan's 7-4-10 E-mail

I love Balaquid. It is SOOO beaufitul, I'm convinced it is NOT REAL!!! I live 50 feet from the ocean, and I can see Leyte from my bedroom. It is the most gorgeous place I've ever been in my whole life, I can honestly say that!!!!! Me, Sister Blonquist, Elder Webb from Arizona, and his companion Elder Aberin, from the Philippines, are creating a musical-with all the help of the members, random volunteers, less actives, and's gonna be so awesome. It comes from the chapters 17-22 in Alma and we are way excited. It was last Monday when we were enlightened by this idea-every Saturday we practice, and we had a good turnout our first time. We hope and pray that because of this activity, we can use the talents we've been given to bring others unto Christ. We really want to focus on the returning (less actives) members in this area, they say that there are a lot of youth. We've already found 3 and are working on bringing them back. I love the Book of Mormon with all of my heart, it brings peace to my heart, and it literally is the key to receiving comfort in this world. If we are down and want to speak with our Heavenly Father, read that book!!!

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