Sunday, August 1, 2010

Megan's 2nd apartment in Palompon

We moved apartments about a month ago and the owner and family of the apartment are now our investigators. They said themselves that this was part of God's plan. They are 'born again'-a religion here. I don't even know now what's just here and what is also there in America. They said that they had lots of people want the apartment and that they offered more money than us but they said, 'Why did we choose you?' They are very interested and having lessons like that with them inspire me to even better my Cebuano. I can go so much further than I am now. I was asked the other day if I knew how to speak English. I really had to laugh. I am no where close to being a master at the language...people are just really nice here. People ask me every week how many years I've been here. I am honestly nothing-God works in a very mysterious way. I know that the more I humble myself the more that I will be able to be an instrument and be able to speak the languange so that I will be able to help people and become happy.

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