Sunday, August 1, 2010

Megan's house guests

I have a story. Yesterday our sink broke underneath and so we called the owner's son to see if he could fix it-he did, and we said, 'Salamat kaayo brother!!!' and then he sprayed this coachroach spray to kill the cockroaches that were living under there-there's always one or two we find every few days when we come home from work there on our counter, just waiting to greet us. So he left after he sprayed this stuff and I went back to washing dishes. Well, all of a sudden one after another, all these cockroaches start coming out from under the sink. I'm like, Ah! Sister Farnworth! Look!She hates them even more than me. I'm ok after I see them, but I get startled if I don't see them right we try to kill some, but they are real fast...and then this one really big one... he's sitting on the counter looking at me and I'm about to hit him and he flies up and lands on to my skirt!! Then at the same time, it was like sirens, we both screeeam!!! Bahhh!!!!!!!!!!! get off!! baaaaHH!!! We're trying to get it off my skirt while all these others are crawling all around us and we seem helpless.. hahah. Then we start laughing and we hear our owner and her family start what's going on? What are they doing...then we hear a voice...uh...Dustin? We open the back door and it was the owner's son...are you ok?? He gives us a swatter and we start going crazy trying to kill all these...things. I'm jumping up to try and smack this one on the celing and it falls on my head!! We both scream again... and they are just laughing at us.... hahah!! Nagingon ko...para magkatawa mo!! bahaha! I said, 'So you will laugh at us!!' Then we took pictures and by the time we went to bed, we were still laughing. The cockroach attack!! Tune in next week for another showing.

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